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ECO-Friendly Steps at No Additional Cost over Standard Steps

The Pet Step shop offers pet stairs for your dog or cat.  We have different widths and heights for both small and large pets. Our steps are also ideal for old or disabled pets. Our stairs are constructed from plywood and most are covered with cut-pile plush commercial carpet.  The Pet Step Shop is an authorized reseller of the original Bear's Stairs line of pet steps.

Enviromentally Friendly Steps Now Available

The newest additions to the Bear’s StairsTM product line are environmentally friendly. The carpet used on these steps is Mohawk everSTRAND™. everSTRAND™ carpet fiber is extruded from recycled plastic bottles and contains 100% post-consumer recycled content. Additional step construction is from OSB. OSB is made from small, fast-growing trees with a recycled content of up to 75%. This reduces the demand for old growth timber. Eco-friendly steps are available in beige only, and optional backs are available. The carpet pile is somewhat thicker than commercial so screw indentations are less likely to be seen. This shade is a standard carpet color so future orders will match older orders The Eco-Friendly stairs are available in the same sizes as the original Bear’s Stairs products. The ECO-Friendly steps are available in all models except the Value Line.  To select the ECO-Friendly step, select "ECO-Friendly Beige" in the color option.

Bear's Stairs - Value Line

These steps are a less expensive alternative to the regular line of Bear's Stairs products.  They are constructed from OSB instead of plywood and are covered with a less costly carpet.  The carpet is similar to carpet found in automobiles.  When viewed from a few feet away these steps do not appear any different from the more expensive models and are more budget friendly.  Value Line Bear's Stairs are sturdy; quality has not been compromised.

Bear's Stairs - Tiny Steps

The Tiny Steps are specifically designed for tiny pets weighing up to 12 lbs.  These stairs are available in 2 sizes - Tiny 4 and Tiny 6.  Heights are 16" and 23" with step widths of 10".  Tiny Steps are angled similarly to household stairs for little legs.  They are constructed from plywood and are covered with a durable, attractive plush cut-pile commercial carpet.  These are ideal for  Yorkies, min pins, toy poodles, cats, and many more!

Bear's Stairs - Mini Steps

We have a mini-line of steps that are 12" wide and are available in 3-step, 4-step and 5-step models.  These range in height from 16", 20" and 26" .  The steps are about 5" high and 5" deep.  This line is designed for small dogs such as Chihuahua and other small dogs up to about 20 pounds.  These steps can also be used for older cats that can no longer jump to their favorite places 

Bear's Stairs - Medium Steps

This line of steps is 18" wide and  is available in 2-step, 3 step and 4-step models that are 14", 22" and 28" tall.  The steps are about 7" high and 7" deep.  These steps are intended for medium sized dogs weighting up to about 50 pounds.  The steps are also fine for older or disabled cats that are unable to jump.

Bear's Stairs - Large Dog Steps

This step is available in 2 and  3-step model that are 16" or 22" tall with steps that are 7" tall and 10" deep.  This step will support very large dogs even those over 200 pounds  These steps are sized similar to human steps.

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